An Elevator’s Role In A Building’s Market Value

Raise The Value Of Your Property

As a property manager, you have to understand the role an elevator plays in the overall value of the property. While an elevator generally increases a building’s value, it can just as easily drive down the value when not cared for properly.

Create Coherency

If you remodel or renovate the entire building but leave out the elevator, people will notice. You may think that if the elevator functions, then you don’t need to fix it up. In reality, if your guests see an updated lobby, hallway, and other public areas, but your elevator looks like it belongs decades prior, they may see it as outdated and unsafe.

When you make upgrades to your building, try to match the elevator to the rest of your décor. In modern elevators, glass patterns are extremely popular. Additionally, metal, wood, and stone are trendy features that may increase your property’s value.

Upgrade for Modernization

There is a significant difference between stepping into an old, creaky elevator with outdated controls and stepping into the cab of an up-to-date, modern elevator. Clients, residents, staff, and guests are more likely to feel comfortable in a renovated elevator.

Not only are modern elevators safer and more energy-efficient, but they are comfortable and convenient. Modern elevators have fewer wasted trips and lower wait times. Many modern elevators have monitors that can alert you if there is a serious issue. For example, if your elevator is stuck on the track or experiencing pressure issues, you will receive and signal so you can get help right away.

If your elevator does not function properly or if it doesn’t match the overall theme, it could reduce your property’s curb appeal. At Puget Sound Elevator Company, we will provide you with the upgrades you need to raise your property’s value. Call 425-800-8256 or email us today to get started. 

How to Prepare for Elevator Maintenance

Every year, elevators travel about 1.4 billion miles in the U.S. To keep your elevator running with the best of them, you need to have regular maintenance performed. This maintenance may involve shutting down the elevator for a day, so be sure to plan ahead. Having a plan for scheduled shutdowns will also come in handy if the elevator ever breaks down unexpectedly.

How to Prepare Passengers

While putting up an out-of-order sign is helpful, you can’t just stop there. If you have time to prepare your guests or passengers, inform them as early as possible, so they have time to plan around it. You can also provide them with a pamphlet that explains the improvements that will be made and their alternative options during the shutdown. For instance, you may want to include takeout or grocery delivery resources for those who use the elevator out of necessity. Having these resources handy will also be helpful in the case of an unplanned shutdown.

How to Plan for Potential Repairs

If you know that there are going to be repairs completed on your elevator, you need to plan it wisely. For instance, try to schedule the repairs on calmer days. For example, if the elevator is in an office building, try scheduling repairs over the weekend when most people are not working. Do not have repairs completed during peak hours if you can avoid it. When you plan, you can also warn those in your building about when the repairs will be done.

 How to Perform the Repairs

You should try to have the repairs finished as quickly as possible. One way to save time is to have the contractors work around the clock, in shifts. When you have two or three different shifts, you can have the repairs done a lot quicker. The less time the repairs take, the less money you have to spend and the less inconvenience the guests in your building have to suffer through.

Elevator maintenance is a critical element to your building’s health and safety. When your elevator has to go down for any length of time, you need to do everything you can to keep disruption to a minimum. For more information, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company today!

What You Can Expect From Quality Elevator Service

If you are looking for a quality company to service your elevator, our team of technicians has the experience and training to keep your unit in excellent shape. We treat each business as a unique entity with specific needs and desires, offering individualized attention and custom solutions. This means we can set up a perfect service plan for you, whether you have a small unit that isn’t super busy or a large system serving hundreds of customers every day. Our technicians will ensure you comply with all building codes and safety regulations while providing affordable service to keep the elevator running.

A Plan That Works With Your Budget

There are few things more annoying than an unexpected repair blowing a massive hole in your budget. With regular maintenance, you know where you stand, and emergency repairs are kept to a minimum. A plan that is clear about costs provides many benefits:

  • Transparency
  • Affordability
  • Peace of mind
  • Reliability

We always discuss your options upfront and let you know about servicing requirements and associated fees. Your contract spells out what you can expect in terms of service calls, repairs, and preventative maintenance. Our technicians work to help you get the best out of your elevator in every sense.

A Program of Superior Customer Service

At Puget Sound Elevator Company, we see our relationship with each business as a partnership. We are more than willing to go above and beyond, whether this means working custom shifts to cut down on disruptions or responding quickly to all of your inquiries. Our team is fully equipped to handle your needs. Technicians are trained and certified, and we have the resources to deal with problems efficiently. We always seek to limit issues with your unit and ensure the safety of all passengers. Call 425-800-8256 or email us today for your elevator service needs. 

3 Elevator Issues You Should Pay Attention To

When it comes to commercial property maintenance, there might be some things on the list you can overlook for a while before they become big problems. Issues with your elevator do not fall under that category. There are a few elevator issues in particular you should pay close attention to, so as to keep your elevator in the best and safest condition possible.

1. Overheating

There are a lot of working parts that go into making an elevator function correctly. Control systems and electric energy are converted into heat, which causes the system to get quite hot after prolonged use. Depending on the weather at the moment, the heat problem could get worse, causing the machine to overheat. At Puget Sound Elevator Company, we’ll help you find the solutions you need to avoid having your elevator overheat. This could mean improving ventilation, cleaning the unit, or replacing a part.

2. Slowing Down

When the speed at which your elevator functions begins to slow down, you can assume there’s a problem that’s only going to get worse with time. Perhaps your tenants or clients are having to wait longer before getting on the elevator. Maybe the car has slowed down, or maybe the doors are slow to open and close. In any case, safety is an issue when an elevator slows down. Friction and pressure have likely increased, which could lead to additional damage or injuries. A proper fix, including lubrication, could be in order.

3. Rising Energy Bills

There are a lot of things that could cause your energy bills to rise, but in buildings that include an elevator, the elevator is typically one of the most obvious culprits. We can check your electrical panel, sensors, and a variety of other parts that might be causing the problem. With immediate attention, we can help you lower those bills and increase safety in your building.

As you can see, there are some serious issues related to elevator safety and efficiency. If you are a commercial building owner who has to deal with an elevator, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company today to discuss maintenance, modernization, and what to do when you realize you have a problem.

How To Handle Getting Stuck In an Elevator

Nobody expects to get stuck in an elevator, but it does happen from time to time. Because elevators are so prevalent in many commercial buildings, it’s important you know how to handle the situation if you happen to get stuck in an elevator.

Stay Calm

We understand your discomfort at the thought of being stuck in an elevator, but it’s important you remain calm. If everyone starts getting exciting, breathing heavily because they’re panicking, the elevator could begin to get quite warm and uncomfortable. Stay calm and do your best to help others in the elevator with you to stay calm as well.

Press the Alarm Button

Elevators have alarm buttons or emergency phones you can use to call for help. The button typically has the image of a bell or a phone on it. Someone will answer your call and let you know what to do to proceed with getting rescued. In most cases, the response will be for you to all remain calm until someone on the outside is able to get you out safely. If you are unable to reach someone with the alarm button or emergency phone, see if anyone has a cell phone you can use to call for help.

Back Away From the Doors

You don’t ever want to try prying the doors open on your own. This is only going to cause injury and further damage that may result in rescuers having a harder time getting you out. Back away from the doors and wait for someone to get the door open from the outside. You want to back up so no injuries occur and you’re not in the way when someone is able to get to you.

Contact an Elevator Professional

As a commercial building owner, you never want your clients or tenants to get stuck in the elevator, and we can help you avoid it. Contact Puget Sound Elevator Company today by calling 425-800-8256 or sending an email to discuss your elevator needs.

Is Your Commercial Elevator Ready For Winter?

Winter is right around the corner. With the dropped temperatures and high winds, proper servicing is necessary to preserve the longevity and efficiency of your elevator. Preparing your elevator for cold weather is a crucial part of maintenance and without it, winter could be a nightmare for your equipment.

Choose Climate Control

If hydraulic oil thickens, the elevator may experience a sluggish start or bumpy ride. When the temperature in the machine room drops below 60 degrees, the oil becomes thick. To have extra insulation installed in your machine room can help control the temperature. Have your machine room inspected for any cracks in the seals around the vents, doors, and windows. Repair work or seal replacement can prevent wind or water from entering the elevator. Along with professional repairs, when you have a hydraulic elevator, you should run the elevator before the morning crowd to circulate the oil and warm up the lift in advance.

Upgrade Elevator Equipment

An inspection can tell you whether it’s time to upgrade or replace your elevator equipment. Don’t wait until after the cold weather hits to decide that you need to update or repair your elevator to survive the rest of the winter.

If oil temperature maintenance is a problem, then you may need to invest in a tank heater. A tank heater will keep the oil temperature raised. An electronic control valve also helps with temperature compensation. While the building may be cold, the oil remains at a proper temperature to keep the elevator ride smooth.

Power outages are another issue that you may face this winter. If your elevator does not have a hydraulic battery, then a sudden power outage may leave guests trapped inside. Instead of taking the risk, upgrade to a hydraulic battery as soon as possible.

Your winterization plan should cover all your building’s components, including the elevator. To learn more, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or sending us an email today!

Keep Elevator Costs Down, Invest in Preventative Maintenance

To keep your elevator up and running, you must have a maintenance routine. For building owners that do not focus on general upkeep, the cost of elevator maintenance later on can be a burden. In some cases, owners let maintenance slide until they have to completely replace the elevator. Preventative maintenance is all it takes to keep your elevator repair costs down.

What Do You Need to Maintain?

When it comes to elevator maintenance, there are a few components that you must pay special attention to. These are the most utilized elements in an elevator. For instance, you want to maintain the doors and the rollers. Every time the lift stops, the doors move twice. This makes the doors the most used component in the system. Often, users will prop open the doors to load and unload cargo, bang their luggage against them, and pry them open when needed.

Does the Cost Go Down?

To run an elevator costs money, but to maintain your elevator will cost you less money than if you didn’t pay attention to maintenance at all. If you ignore your maintenance contract until your system is no longer code compliant, then your elevator becomes a liability. If issues do appear, then it is going to be even more costly to repair it.

You may not see cost-savings right away when you invest in preventative maintenance. However, in the years that follow, you will notice that you have fewer problems, saving you from repair costs. This will also increase the lifespan of your elevator, delaying any major, expensive upgrades.

When you invest in proper maintenance for your elevator, you can avoid a lot of performance and safety issues. As a bonus, you will save money as well.  issues. To set up a preventative maintenance plan for your commercial elevator, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or emailing us today!  

What Keeps Your Elevator Running?

Maintenance is Key

Elevators can last for a long time, but only if you keep up with the maintenance. If you ignore elevator maintenance, you will notice that they begin to decline, quickly. Their performance deteriorates and the downtime increases. Then, once you finally arrange repairs, the costs will be even higher than they otherwise would have been.

Overheating Problems

If you don’t have a dedicated cooling system for your elevator, then you may have to deal with overheating of the control system. Elevators have a recommended temperature and humidity that you should take measures to follow.

Energy Use Problems

Elevators use a large supply of energy. What you may not realize is just how much energy it uses. Over the course of the year, you need to monitor energy usage. Older systems may be using larger amounts of power. This can wind up costing you more money in the long run.

Wait Problems

Wait problems are more than an inconvenience. You will want to have your elevator checked on a regular basis if you experience long wait times. This sometimes means that the elevator control system is beginning to develop problems.

Multiple Breakdowns

One of the biggest signs that your elevator needs maintenance or repair is frequent breaking down. As components age, they may shut down or interfere with the entire operation. Door operators undergo a lot of wear and tear.

Power Quality Problems

Most commercial buildings have a lot of computerized equipment that requires the power to be high quality. If you modify the system voltage, then you can interfere with the operation of the equipment. If your facility has a motor failure history or problems with sensitive electronic equipment, then you should perform a power quality survey.

If you have a commercial elevator, it is crucial that you keep up with regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep you from experiencing a lot of breakdowns or costly problems with your elevator. To learn more about how to care for your elevator, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company by calling 425-800-8256 or sending us an email today!

Elements of a Commercial Elevator Modernization

Elements of a Commercial Elevator Modernization

With the passage of time, even deluxe elevator systems need upgrades and modernization for the sake of tenant and employee safety and satisfaction. While not every elevator modernization is the same, most upgrades include the following important elements.

Update Fire Safety Measures

For the sake of every person who gets on the elevator, it is vital that all fire safety components are up-to-date and compliant with current codes. This is one of the first things the contractor will address to keep everyone safe in case of a fire.

Upgrades for ADA Compliance

Every commercial elevator must meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The elevator company will complete a thorough evaluation of the system and make any necessary improvements to comply with the ADA requirements.

Modernize Mechanical Components

Obviously, this is another vital segment of the elevator modernization since mechanical parts wear out with time and use. The contractor will inspect cables, hydraulics, brakes, and power units, as well as evaluate door operators and call systems. The elevator company will replace worn or obsolete parts, lubricate components as necessary and install replacement systems where needed.

Protection Against Natural Disasters

With increasing awareness of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, many commercial contractors are putting extra safety measures in place. This includes increasing elevator durability and stabilization to withstand unexpected natural events.

Renovation of the Elevator Cab and Doors

While attention to mechanical parts and safety codes provide the most important parts of the elevator modernization, this is also the perfect time to upgrade and renovate the interior to improve the riding experience for the passengers. Painting or decorating the cab and doors, installing new floors or carpets, and adding stylish touches, not only makes the elevator ride more enjoyable but also assures passengers they are using a modern, up-to-date device.

If you feel it is time to modernize the elevators in your commercial building, contact Puget Sound Elevator Company today.  Call 425-800-8256 or email us today, our team of professionals will be happy to answer your questions.

What to Know About ADA Standards and Elevators

ADA Standards and Elevators

As a building owner, you likely know about the ADA. The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, has specific requirements for different aspects of a property, including the elevators. Understanding and complying to the basics of the ADA regulations will help you keep your elevators safe for all.

Basics of Elevator Provisions

There are specific ADA provisions for elevators. These provisions include the following:

  • All call buttons in the elevator have to be centered at 42 inches above the floor and should have signals to display when a call is recorded or answered
  • Elevators must stay open for 3 seconds
  • Elevators must open and close automatically and include a reopening feature
  • Elevators must have control features such as buttons and braille control designators
  • The floor of an elevator should have plenty of room for a wheelchair
  • Handrails must be at approximately 30 inches
  • Emergency control buttons should be in an accessible area

The point of these regulations is to ensure that at least one elevator in the building is accessible to all people, including those with disabilities.

Importance of Maintenance

Elevators break down from time to time, even more so when not maintained properly. When an elevator is out of order or being repaired, those who are able can take the stairs. However, the stairs are not a viable option for all, especially those who use a walker or a wheelchair to get around. Frequent breakdowns will have much more of an effect on those with disabilities. Make sure your building is safe and welcoming for all by staying up to date with maintenance and remaining ADA compliant.

If you aren’t sure that your property is up to the latest ADA standards and requirements, you can contact Puget Sound Elevator Company to assess and update your elevator. Call 425-800-8256 or email us today for more information.

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